Mother and father brings little daughter to school.

The admission of your child in King’s Ridge Montessori means compliance with all school rules, policies and procedures outlined in this handbook.

Since every kid is unique and special, in some cases we may not be able to address the needs of your child in the best way possible. That is why, after the application process is completed, our evaluating staff will analyse your child’s profile and judge if the child would thrive in the Montessori environment. Based on that, admission to the school may not be granted. In this case, we will try to recommend some educational alternatives.

King’s Ridge Montessori admits new children based on a prioritized waiting list, with first consideration being granted to families desiring full-time spaces and those seeking to enroll siblings of currently enrolled children.


  • A one-month deposit per child to be applied toward the previous month’s fees.
  • Accounts will be adjusted appropriately for any fee changes during the child’s campus enrollment.
  • Fees are due and payable upon notice of an available space for enrollment.
  • Fees are subject to annual increases