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Infants make dramatic leaps in physical, emotional and intellectual development during their first year. In fact, it’s easy to underestimate just how eager and ready they are to explore and learn about the world around them. At King’s Ridge Montessori, your child will be offered a nurturing atmosphere of holding, rocking, feeding and play that respects your family’s established home routines. The growth and independence awakened during our time together will lay the foundation for developing skills that promote greater success to come in our toddler program.



Our safe, nurturing classroom environment taps into toddlers’ inherent enthusiasms for hands-on learning and discovery. We, at King’s Ridge Montessori, encourage secure roaming and play that promotes educational exploration. Parents immediately appreciate the fruits of our integral language, music, movement and interaction activities geared toward extending our Toddlers track’s focus on fun and independent stimulation.

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Our caring and qualified Montessori educators will walk side-by-side with your children through a highly sensitive, crucially impressionable stage of development. A child’s capacity at this point to absorb information through hands-on experiences is truly remarkable. Children enrolled in King’s Ridge Montessori’s Casa program will be prepared to seize the intellectual advantages of these exploratory early school years in which their eagerness and enthusiasm for learning are at its peak.



King’s Ridge Montessori strives for the utmost inclusiveness in our early childhood educational opportunities. We welcome children attending public schools to partake in the unique tutoring and homework support offered through our after-school programs. We offer supplementary instruction rooted in enjoyable and engaging academic enrichment activities that sharpen learning skills through art, music, computer-based exercises, and even fascinating field trips.